Yoga Weight Loss Benefit

May 1, 2008

Do you know about the yoga weight loss benefit? Yoga is a great way to tone your muscles and help with weight loss.

First let’s define “regular Yoga practice.” Regular Yoga practice is practicing Yoga for at least 30 minutes one time a week for four or more years. Yoga practice can help those people that are middle age, lose weight, and keep it off.

The Yoga exercise is not enough to lose weight. What Yoga does, is make you more aware of your body. It helps to respond to what your body is telling you. When you’re more sensitive to your body, you can easily recognize the fact that you are full. You are more attuned to what your body has to tell you and gives you the will power to stay from the unhealthy food you crave.

Body awareness is a big factor in the practice of Yoga. The practice of Yoga helps you to listen to your body, focus on your body, blocking out external sights and sounds. You grow accustomed to a little discomfort while working on the postures and that in turn, helps you to fight the discomfort you feel when you crave unhealthy food. Yoga can allow your body to reject the junk food and welcome the food that’s good for you.

Here are some tips for those who want to use Yoga for weight maintenance or weight loss.

Practice in a room without mirrors. This will force you to pay attention to what is happening inside of you instead of how well you are doing your Yoga postures.

As you are practicing, learn to feel even the subtlest of movements. Become involved and curious about these micro-movements.

When you are practicing your poses, find a position where you are challenged but don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed. When you are at this edge between challenges and overwhelmed, practice keeping a clear, open and accepting state of mind.

Go easy on yourself; if you’re overworked give yourself permission to rest.

Self-talk while practicing Yoga is very important. Be sure to say nice comments to yourself, complimenting your inner self with your efforts and your goodness over all.

If you belong to a Yoga class, go early, talk to people. Allow yourself to be open to those around you.

Take your own mat to class with you. You will find it’s more comfortable when you are using the mat you are familiar with.

Find a teacher who teaches with a balance of firmness and gentleness and who inspires you to progress to a higher level.

Realize just by going to the class, you are making a statement that you are taking care of yourself and you have the courage to make the changes in your life, which will allow you to reach your dearest dream.

The development of qualities like patience, wisdom, kindness, discipline, and gratitude comes form your practice of Yoga. Yoga helps you create a quiet and gentle mind.

Challenging and rewarding and help with weight loss and control. Control your cravings and allow your body to desire healthy food and learning self-control, is the secret to your weight control Yoga routine.

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