Pilates Benefits

May 3, 2008

Learn more about Pilates benefits and why you should consider incorporating Pilates in your home workout.

The Benefits of a Pilates Class

Pilates is a technique of exercising devised by Joseph Pilates, a German National who as a frail child turned to exercise to strengthen his body. When the technique was introduced to America, it became very popular among dancers, who need flexibility without bulking up the muscles. The exercise eventually grew to where almost anyone would like the low intensity of the work out. As far as benefits go, with Pilates they are pretty much endless. It helps to tone your body, and calm your mind, and it is in many ways similar to Yoga. Pilates is very often used as a form of rehabilitation as well as for those who are aging and need more strength.

The activity of Pilates and classes has been around for more than ninety years and it was introduced in the 1910’s. The benefits of Pilates have become more prevalent over time and has gained in popularity. If you’re wondering about the benefits then here are some that will occur as you take your Pilates classes.


There is no doubt that a Pilates class will improve flexibility since the central part of it is stretching. Stretching is such an important part of your day so that you can get your body toned. If we are not very active and moving then our muscles tend to get stiff and this restricts the movement of our muscles. By stretching out your muscles Pilates classes will help to improve your flexibility and helps to prevent injury for people who do work at the gym or use weights.


You’re posture can be improved by doing Pilates. When most people do exercise they often will focus on one part at a time and this sometimes makes certain muscles stronger than others. If you only focus on having great legs and abs, then other parts of your body will be behind and this can create an imbalance. By taking Pilates classes you can help to restore balance to your body by working on all of your body parts. The core muscle groups, the pelvis abdomen and buttocks, are being exercise more often giving making the body more symmetrical and aligned. Pilates class will help you to have stronger muscles, improve your body shape and also improve your posture. And with stretching exercises, it also makes your muscle elastic.


Managing your stress is likely one of the biggest concerns of everyone in today’s world. Pilates class can help to improve your mental well being and help you deal with the stresses that life throws at you. It also helps you to focus while doing breathing exercises that are relaxing and put your body at ease.


Another benefit of taking Pilates classes is the benefit to your mind and overall mental wellness. Breathing properly improves blood supply and flow to the brain. With the improve circulation, toxins that are in the body gets released, giving the brain more, for the lack of a better word, “breathing room” giving you a sounder, more alert mind.

Develops Your Core

The body’s core, is one of the main focuses of a Pilates class, simply because since it is the core muscles of your body, (near the spine and the lower pelvis) it facilitates movement and carries most of parts of the body, a stronger core means as stronger body.

Better Motion

Pilates classes, unlike yoga, improve motion and make it, smoother to move from one position to another. By working many muscle groups at once in a continuous motion, the muscles get used to working together, making the pattern smother, and less strenuous. This smoother movement helps you avoid injuries as well as good posture.

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