Lose Weight And Get Fit Watching TV With This Home Workout

March 11, 2010

If you just love your afternoon daytime dramas then commercial break exercises will work for you. While you are watching the shows you can do some light motion exercise and when the commercials come on you can do your best to get that heart rate up. Just a few simple living room easy workouts can be enough to slowly get you back into shape.

During you TV show lightly warm up with simple shoulder rolls and easy stretching from a seated position on a couch or chair. Try constant and fluid motions to get your blood flowing in your upper body and back. You can also swing your arms as if walking then switch over to just reaching for the sky. Just repeat this over and over until the first commercial break but just go very easy and slow.

At the first TV break it’s time to go to work. Try starting with push-ups. What type you do will depend on your current fitness level. If it has been quit a while since you have done anything physical you can start by doing a modified push up. Just get on you knees and put your hands on a coffee table and do your workout at a more upright position as to make the movements much less stressful. Do as many as you comfortably can until your show comes back on.

Just try to change up light movements with each show time and move through each major muscle group during the commercials. You can now keep up with your favorite TV shows and not feel guilty about the time you spend on the sofa.

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