Differnce in Yoga and Pilates

May 3, 2008

Learn more about the differnce in yoga and pilates as well as what each of them is and isn’t. Yoga and Pilates are both great methods of exercise that are similar in many aspects but also quite different.

Yoga and Pilates are different; learn how they differ and why you may want to choose on over the other. Both exercises are similar in many ways but also have many differences, in fact, yoga isn’t actually classified as just an exercise program. Both are very powerful tools to help you look and feel better but let’s have a look at the differences. Here’s some further look at both in depth.

Yoga – The first

Yoga is much older than Pilates and was first started over 5,000 years ago. It’s more than just an exercise program. It is a lifestyle change that many people may have problems with and need to take seriously in order to accomplish. Yoga is focused as much on the spiritual aspects of healing as it is on the physical aspects of the body. It uses a varied combination of breathing and movements to get the body back into it’s targeted range. Yoga involves an open minded thinking as it encompasses the lifestyle of being ethical, spiritual and physical.

It is important to note that yoga is centered on meditation and that the poses that are done are done to allow for better concentration and better meditation abilities.

Pilates – Something Entirely Different

Pilates is very different from Yoga and it focuses on physical healing and using breathing and movements to accomplish that. The body is taken from one movement on to the next in a fluid change. This helps to improve the body in a way that is very gentle and non-stressful on muscles. Pilates is about control and is Contrology in it’s dance form. It is all about making movements as fluid as possible and providing a natural means for exercise.

Both Pilates and Yoga allow for the person doing them to improve their health all overall well being through controlled breathing. Breathing is a very important part to the success of both programs.

How Do I Know What To Choose?

What better way to figure out which best suits you than to give them both a try? Go ahead and look up classes in your area and sign up for both. Once you are there think about what is more comfortable and feels best with you. Which suits your lifestyle and can be incorporated easily? The choice between yoga and Pilates is something that you need to make on your own.

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