Fall Walking Workout

September 3, 2008

Down here in the south, it’s hard to get a good walking or running workout in during the summer months, unless you do it really early in the morning. Otherwise it’s just too darn not to do anything outside.

Since I’m not really an early riser and prefer to work out after I get the majority of my work done, I tend to work out inside during the summer. For my walking and jogging, I use a treadmill in a pleasantly air-conditioned room.

But there is definitely something about walking or running outside. Workouts seem to go faster when the scenery changes and you’re enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

That’s exactly why I look forward to fall with it’s cooler days. It’s just now starting to be comfortable outside in the late afternoon. Time to get back into a workout schedule that includes some outside time.

How about you? Ready to hit the road (or sidewalk) as well?

Time For A New Treadmill Workout

May 4, 2008

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Beginner Workout Schedule

May 4, 2008

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