Heal Sore Muscles – Cold Bath Or Hot Bath?

September 3, 2009

Today was day 4 of my Fatloss Quicky Challenge. <– Click there to follow along and read what I’m thinking about it so far.

Today I split up the weight and cardio portions which worked a lot better. I’m still really sore though, thus the title of this post, but back to that in just a second. First, let me give you a quick breakdown of today.

Workout (Weight) Session was pretty short (under 9 minutes I belive) and we worked biceps, ticeps and of course abs again (ouch). It was pretty intense, but I hung in there and as a result can barely lift my arms to type at this point. I’m sure the soreness will become less severe as we move through the coming weeks and I noticed that my body is recovering quicker and quicker which is nice.

I did the cardio session a little while ago (a good 3 hours after the first session) and it burned my legs up. I thought yesterday was bad … Jumping Squads and Shuffles back and forth got my heart rate up and gave my legs and abs another great workout.

But I was hurting afterwards, and have a meeting to go to tonight, so I mentioned to my husband that I was going to go soak in a hot bath to sooth those sore muscles. He suggested a cold bath (he also mentioned ice bath, but I ain’t going there) instead to help the muscles recover more quickly.

So my question is this… in your experience, what’s better to heal sore muscles? A cold bath or a hot bath? Or just a plain old shower for that matter? Any other tips to help get over sore muscles more quickly (other than the obvious – to work out again the next day).

Sticking To My Workout Program – Day Three Breakdown

September 2, 2009

After doing yesterday’s workouts my arms were so sore, I could barely lift them up high enough to type. Thankfully they are all better today. I did end up breaking the workout down into weight portion in the morning and then the cardio in the afternoon. Since they are just 10 minutes each it’s pretty easy to squeeze them in.

For some reason, still don’t know why, I didn’t get around to doing any type of exercise until late afternoon. I started with the 10 minute weight workout for the Fatloss Quicky Experience, which focused on the legs today. The muscles in my legs and abs were sore as can be and tired, but I felt pretty good overall, so I thought, what the heck … I’ll do the cardio portion right after. It’s just 10 minutes, right?

Not a smart move. The cardio was all legs with jumping jacks and quick steps and there just wasn’t any power left in those poor legs of mine. I did my best and made it through the workout, though I had to walk in place through parts of the last two rounds of jacks and steps.

Scott warned us at the beginning of today’s workout videos that he was going to kill our legs and he sure did. I could barely make it up and down our 5 patio steps tonight.

Overall I’m feeling great though … especially once the muscle soreness wears off. I’m so excited to see my body grow stronger as I progress further in this program.

And just in case that isn’t motivation enough, Scott includes some great audios that will get and keep ya going.

P.S. Take a minute to join the Fatloss Quickie experience and follow along. You won’t regret it.

The Workout Schedule For The Fatloss Quickie Program

September 1, 2009

Time for another quick update about the Fatloss Quickie Program I’m reviewing. Yesterday was day one. I shared my thoughts on the program and the cardio workout in a previous post and wanted to take a few minutes to update you this morning as well.

I have to tell you, I am SORE this morning. Considering that I just did 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of weight exercises, this sure gets results, at least if my poor sore muscles are any indication. I ended up doing the weight exercises right before bed last night. The only problem with that was that I ended up so energized from the workout that it took me a good two hours to fall asleep and that’s just not going to work for me in the longrun.

My new plan is to do the weights portion of the program early in the morning, and then the cardio around lunch time when I need a little extra boost in energy.

Let’s talk food for a minute. The program comes with a menu that rotates through high, medium and low carb days. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but instead am sticking to 6 meals (3 main meals and 2 snacks). Each meal contains a lean protein like egg whites, chicken, fish, or beans, and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. I’m also adding some complex carbs to my main meals.

Fat Loss Quickie

I’m off to do day two of the weights workout and will check back in tomorrow to report on my progress. Feel free to leave some comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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