A Workout Challenge – How Many Squats Can You Do Today?

September 18, 2009

This is going to be interesting and I’m sure will result in some sore legs and an awesome cardio workout. Every Friday for the cardio portion of the Fatloss Quickie Workout Program, Scott challenges us to do 100 squats. You’ll find the video for that workout below (Thanks for sharing that Scott).

As you know I’m also part of the Fatloss Quickie team Nicole Dean put together at NicoleOnTheNet.com. Today she stepped it up and challenged us to a Fat Loss Quickie Squat-Off. Stop by to join us or to see how I’m doing. Do consider joining in. She put together some fun prizes for us.

Here’s the squat challenge video.

If you haven’t had a chance to join The Fatloss Quickie Program, today’s the day to take action, get moving and become healthy, fit and lean.

Cardio Workout Day One – Fat Loss Quickie Workout

August 31, 2009

I just got through the 10 minute cardio workout for Day one of the Fat Loss Quickie Experience. And boy was it an experience… This is seriously kicking my butt. I was having and puffing. I don’t remember the last time I got my heart rate up this quickly in such a short amount of time.

After I got done I had just enough to time to shower, get dressed and then walked up the hill to pick up my daughter from school. I could tell this was really working because I could already feel it in my legs while I was walking. Now that we’re back and had our afternoon snack, I’m loving the way this makes me feel. I’m energized and ready to tackle the rest of the afternoon – including the threaded homework (my daughter’s, not mine).

Ready to join in? Click on the image below to order.

Here are my thoughts so far on this product.


I like the online delivery and all the videos and audios. The workouts are easy to follow along and since my laptop is up and running all the time anyway, it makes it easy for me to sneak in a workout throughout the day.

I also love Scott’s high energy. It’s contagious.


I have two little problems with this so far that could easily be fixed (and one of them is partially my own fault.). When I ordered this, I received an email right away asking me to confirm my signup, which I did. I was then redirected to the first day of workouts, which I didn’t get around to doing until today (I ordered yesterday). What I didn’t realize was that the email that was sent out right away landed in my spam folder.

Scott – you may want to check your spam score on that email and tweak it to get past.

The second con was in part my own fault. I never made it through reading the entire order page, and thus didn’t realize I was supposed to have an exercise ball and hand weights around for day one. I have the hand weights but will have to do a little bit of creative thinking on what I can use to replace the exercise ball until I can get one (hopefully tomorrow).

As a customer, I would have appreciated a little heads up in the first welcome email. Something along the lines of…

To get ready for Day one of the Fat Loss Quickie Experience you’ll need

I’m going to do a slighly modified version of the weight resistance portion of the program tonight and will check back in tomorrow with my thoughts on day two.

Susanne Myers

P.S. Follow along and post your thoughts, questions and progress along the way.

Ride Your Bike For Exercise

February 23, 2009

Exercise and eating healthy keep our bodies feeling young and free of disease. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the time to exercise, no one will argue that. One way to get into the groove, without taking huge chunks of time to make use of a gym membership or wasting money on equipment that will just collect dust, is to ride your bike.

Some people have tried what seems like everything to find an exercise that works for them and fits into their schedule. We can join a gym but if we never go we are not losing pounds but instead just dollars from our pocket. Ever wonder what people did before there were workout facilities?

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